The goal of ECD is to promote all aspects of growth and development of children between 0-8 years. Children are exposed to a rich and simulative environment and this enables them to explore, experiment, to manipulate objects and reach their full potential for school and lifelong education.

There are three major players in the ECD programme and these are the parents, the child and the school. Centres assist parents to meet their children’s developmental needs and they have the opportunity to engage in productive activities. These centres however need to be registered by the Ministry of Education, Sport, Arts and Culture and below is the criteria for registration:

The Applicant should produce:

  • a permit from Urban Planning
  • a health centre report from City Health Department
  • license from City Health
  • sketch and floor plan
  • constitution
  • academic and professional certificates of staff
  • national IDs for all staff
  • medical reports and X-rays for all staff

Collect of ED1 Form from the District Office and attach the above mentioned documents x 4 and hand all to the office.
Note: No Centre is allowed to operate without registering.