Job Description of an Administration Officer at District Level

  1. Advising heads of schools on administration matters in line with the Education Act, Public Finance Management Act, Treasury Instructions, Statutory Instruments and Policy Circulars issued by the Ministry from time to time
  2. Supervising and monitoring the maintenance of assets and vehicles in 19 Government schools
  3. Conducting staff development workshops for heads, deputies, accounting assistants and administrative assistants on administrative issues
  4. Preparation and submission of departmental asset returns to the provincial office
  5. Receiving, recording and issuing stocks
  6. Maintenance of various asset registers at the district office
  7. Keeping asset inventories up to date at the district office
  8. Receiving, recording and issuing out fuel coupons at district office
  9. Processing donation applications for the district and schools
  10. Ensuring that government assets at district and in schools are safeguarded and well maintained
  11. Institute Board of surveys